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The electromagnetic calorimeter uses lead-tungstate crystals that were developed for CMS. The crystals produce scintillation light that is very fast; more than 99% of the light is emitted in 100 ns. The approximate dimensions are 2.7 cm x 2.7 cm x 22 cm. These crystals are radiation hard and produce ~10 photo-electrons per MeV into a 1" diameter photomultiplier tube. Our calorimeter will use photomultiplier tubes with quartz windows to prevent radiation damage. The readout will be via a modified "QIE" chip originally developed by Fermilab for the KTeV experiment.


* Yuichi Kubota yk@umn.edu (co-head)
* Sheldon Stone stone@phy.syr.edu (co-head)

* email list of group members


* Lead Tungstate Crystals

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