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BTeV Proposal/TDR History

Date Title Comment
March 2002 BTeV Proposal Update In response to the changing funding situation, Fermilab management requested that we update the proposal to consider a descoped detector with only one arm. This document, submitted in response to that request, was approved by both the PAC and the Fermilab director in May 2002.
May 2000 BTeV Proposal This is the proposal for a two armed spectrometer which was approved by both PAC and the Fermilab director in June 2000.
May 1999 Preliminary TDR This preliminary Technical Design Report (TDR) is the first document describing the full BTeV detector in detail. It describes the two arm version of the detector.
May 1998 BTeV R&D Plan This document outlines an Research and Development (R&D) plan which will demonstrate the technologies required for BTeV. It also identifies the resources needed to execute this plan.
December 1997 Response  to PAC This document responds to issues which were raised by the PAC when they considered the BTEV EOI
May 1997 BTeV EOI This is the original Expression of Interest (EOI) in staging the BTeV Experiment in the C0 Hall.

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