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Brief History & Current Status and Future of the BTeV Project

Current Status and Future

Currently we are finishing the R & D on the detector, designing the interaction region, planning for the construction of the C0 detector all and working towards our CD-1 review by the DOE scheduled for the end of April, 2004.

BTeV was originally approval in June 2000 and re-approved by the Fermilab Director, Mike Witherell, in April of 2002 after two unanimously positive recommendations by the Fermilab Physics Advisory Committee (PAC).

BTeV was reviewed in 2003 by "P5" a physics prioritization commitee set up by the Dept. of Energy and the National Science Foundation as a subpanel of the High Energy Physics Advisory Committee. They strongly recommended that BTeV proceed expeditiously: "P5 supports the construction of BTeV as an important project in the world-wide quark flavor physics area. Subject to constraints within the HEP budget, we strongly recommend an earlier BTeV construction profile and enhanced C0 optics." HEPAP endorsed the P5 report and said in their forwarding letter to the funding agencies "Quark Flavor Physics should remain a key part of the U. S. program into the next decade. It will be essential in characterizing and understanding the physics to be explored at the LHC by measuring its footprint on the quark sector. BTeV represents a breaktrhough in designing collider experiments and will be the flagship experiment in b-quark flavor physics. HEPAP urges the DOE to more forward soon to approve BTeV and get the project underway."

BTeV was listed as in the category of "Highest Scientific Importance and Near-term Readiness for Construction" in the Office of Science "Facilities for the Future of Science" report.

At the end of September 2002, and Oct. 2003 BTeV underwent full costs review by Fermilab (Temple Review). In the spring of 2004, a full DOE cost review of BTeV is planned (Lehman Review). These reviews should lead to construction funding starting in FY2005 (Oct 2004 - Sept 2005), with the majority of the funding coming in FY2005 through FY2009. BTeV should be able to use interactions in 2007 for commissioning of the detector with physics running starting in 2009.

A BTeV Timeline

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