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BTeV will challenge the Standard Model explanation of CP violation, mixing, and rare decays in the beauty and charm quark systems. Exploiting the large numbers of beauty and charm particles produced at the Tevatron, BTeV will make precise measurements of Standard Model parameters and an exhaustive search for physics beyond the Standard Model.

BTeV can perform the compelling physics studies that need to be done and is not limited by current constraints on what studies can be done due to its efficient trigger and capable data acquisition system. It is not constrained by a central geometry, nor limited by relatively low numbers of beauty hadrons as in e+e- colliders. BTeV excels in several crucial areas including: triggering on decays with purely hadronic final states (vertex trigger), charged particle identification (RICH, electromagnetic calorimeter, & muon system), single photon and pi0 reconstruction (electromagnetic calorimeter), excellent proper time resolution (pixel detector), and good mass resolution (forward silicon & straws).

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